5 Ways to Safeguard Your Business Against Hackers

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If you think your business is in no danger of getting hacked, you’re probably wrong. We’re all painfully aware that big companies aren’t immune. Between December 2013 and November 2014, Sony, Home Depot, JPMorgan, eBay, and Target had over 440 MILLION total records stolen by hackers. The data stolen in these attacks included proprietary information, employee details, credit card numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, and login credentials.1
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3 Android OS Security Tips


There’s a lot of debate out there about whether iOS or Android is better. Both systems have their devoted fans and their frenetic detractors. This post is not meant to jump into that debate. It’s simply meant to look at some of Android’s latest security and give you some advice on how to protect your information on your Android device. However, it’s not possible to talk about Android security without mentioning the fragmentation issue.  [Read more…]

Cell Phone Security


The need for cell phone security is very real. Given that you probably have your phone linked automatically to your email, banking accounts, and other personal information, you should care about having effective security on your phone.

Because of this, LG has given pattern style passcodes a twist in their new G3 phone. Instead of the more common nine dot pattern, you get four quadrants that you tap in a pattern you define. You can use as few as three taps or as many as eight, giving you over 80,000 possible combinations. Since you tap instead of swipe, this would be more secure than normal swipe patterns. [Read more…]